Saturday, 11 October 2008

"Recipe of Emotion"


mr clement said...

bonjour marie,
hey.....well done. i love it. the one you mixed the picture with some cooking tool is funny, seems someone want to forget her/his memories/history. it is a bit sad but touching. well done. by the way, i am really looking forward to see you bring these works to other media...mmm... make it in a big nice:) keep going....well done!!! EGG BOX LADY!!!hahahahah,....yeah

Marie Paysant-Le Roux said...

Thank you Clement!! haha, no no I don't know if I want to forget some memories, maybe more redraw another language for them... Yeah yeah I'm pretty much the egg box lady AND... I still collect them! haha/ don't forget it!

mr clement said...

what it the green stuff in the egg? are they come from CHINA? shit!!!