Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Exhibition Press release

"Colours of Japan"
A mixed media exhibition to feel Japan inspired

Space Fiftyfour in Shoreditch will showcase the artwork by French artist-designer Marie Paysant-Le Roux. For her first solo exhibition, Marie invites you to discover her latest work inspired by her findings from Japan, displaying her mixed media practice. From photographs to material experiments, you will travel through three creative colour stories.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art with a Master in mixed media Textiles in 2009, Marie worked in interior design for the renowned Studioilse before going to Japan in September 2010. Strongly influenced by the green landscapes, the vivid orange from the temples, and a whiteness-pinkish beauty, she starts this project focusing on the more traditional Japanese aesthetic but exploring colour in a contemporary way.

Marie says: “ I believe that colour hides deep cultural meaning and history. Surrounding us in nature, growing into food and materials, until worn on our bodies and inside our homes, we are all the time immersed into colour. That’s why I like to explore cultural identity and aesthetic from a colour analysis.”
“Creating my own material samples, hand-dyed fabrics, or craft objects, I am always in search for fine textures and subtle shades that will express the right atmosphere. I often play with unexpected materials to surprise our senses and propose a different way of learning, here about some Eastern usages, to also question and confront with our own simple rituals.”

For images or additional information, please contact Marie at: marie.paysantleroux@gmail.com

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