Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New website for 2016!

Please visit my new website here & discover some new projects!
Sculpture+Painting+Paper work+Textile Dyeing+Story Styling for trends SS2018:
Photography copyright: Axelle PLR.


Laverne Mitchell said...

Your website looks wonderfully crafted. While looking around your website, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the Interior Design section. There are so many ideas & styles in here that I instantly fell in love with! Your work is simply impeccable. I really admire your hard work and expression of awesome ideas.

Edwin said...

Thank you for directing us to your new website. I really like the layout of your homepage. It showcases your work in a unique and eye-catching way! Your work is very inspiring and your galleries are great. What an interesting and unique art! Finally a news section is great as you can keep us all updated on your work!